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H. 1.30 p.m.

ADI Design Museum
Piazza Compasso d’Oro, 1

Design Week


The new mobile living unit for the next generation of open-air tourism is presented at the Milan Design Week (MDW).

It is named HELIOS, and its connection with the sun immediately evokes a sense of well-being and the potential to enhance the experience for those residing within the new living module, conceived by CRIPPACONCEPT in collaboration with MATTEO THUN and BENEDETTO FASCIANA.

This is a detachable dwelling unit, conceived from the study of future residential needs, now finding its place within the domain of next-generation outdoor hospitality. These mobile homes or maxi caravans – as they are technically referred to – indeed offer temporary accommodation, perfect for holiday durations, boasting significant benefits such as ease of installation and removal. They are designed to be situated in environmentally protected and sensitive areas.

The design of HELIOS originates from this tourism-focused concept, catering to the demands of the new generation of eco-conscious travellers, who are gravitating towards more sustainable lifestyles. Helios addresses these emerging trends through the meticulous selection of materials: the mobile home is a residential module constructed from wood and other materials, mounted on a wheeled chassis, making it ideal for agile positioning and blending seamlessly with nature, further enhanced by thoughtful choices in colours and materials.